Cloud Security Alliance Delaware Valley Chapter (CSA-DV) is a not-for-profit organization for people interested in education, training and possible certification in cloud security. We seek to improve the understanding of cloud security and to promote the interaction of both professionals and students in order to discuss current trends and topics within the industry.


To promote cloud security best practices within the Greater Philadelphia region, to educate about cloud computing, identify its risks, methods to secure it, and to continually provide opportunities for the development of cloud security professionals.

Our mission:

  • Promote Cloud Security best practices.

  • Help promote national and international Cloud Security Alliance research initiatives using local resources.

  • Advocate for Cloud Security best practices to local, regional, national and international audiences.

  • Provide Cloud Security education and training.

  • Develop more cloud security professionals.

  • Grow the competence of existing cloud security professionals.

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Jefferson University Hospital


December 1, 2020 at Noon: CSA-DV Presents: VECTRA O365 Lecture


Abstract: We'll navigate through uncharted security territory by analyzing the attack life cycle in the cloud and dissecting a real-world attack.

The same technology that makes the cloud dynamic can have the opposite effect on an organization’s ability to implement detection and response in cloud environments. This includes the adding additional layer of preventative controls in addition to MFA, because it's increasingly being bypassed in O365 as an example. Chris Morales, Head of Analytics with Vectra, will help us navigate through the uncharted security territory by analyzing the attack lifecycle in the cloud, reviewing the top cloud security threats, and dissecting a real-world cloud attack. Additionally, he'll provide key takeaways for managing access, detection and response, and security operations.

Chris Morales, Is Head of Security Analytics at Vectra, where he advises and designs incident response and threat management programs for Fortune 500 enterprise clients. He has nearly two decades of information security experience in an array of cybersecurity consulting, sales, and research roles. Chris is a widely respected expert on cybersecurity issues and technologies and has researched, written and presented numerous information security architecture programs and processes.